About us

About EKAplast:

Our mission is a continuous development and dynamic adaptation of products to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

The activity of EKA PLAST began in 1985 when the company started the production of marketable plastic accessories. VENA, a full bathroom set, is acknowledged by Customers to this day as a well-constructed and fantastic product, which guaranteed EKAplast one of the leading positions in the market to this day.

Following the principle of continuous development, we have been cooperating with the best Polish and Western European designers to create products with a modern design while maintaining their functionality. Thanks to our young design and advertising teams we react to new trends in design, often setting them ourselves.

We use the highest quality materials in production, which guarantees a long durability of our products. We obtained the quality management system certificate ISO 9001 in 1999. The environment is a very important factor for our company. EKAplast tries to maintain the highest regard for any problematic environmental issues that may arise. Confirming our environmental management system certificate ISO 14001 issued by TÜV Saarland e.V..

With more than 1300 trading partners having trusted us, we continue satisfy and rise above the client’s expectations. EKAplast has successfully cooperated for many years with foreign trade networks, designers, as well as with companies in Eastern and Western Europe, with whom we participate at fairs in Germany and Moscow along with other global locations.

For several years we have been successfully operating on investment market, hence our goods can be found in many offices, hotels, schools, gas stations, as well as in other public use buildings. For those investment purposes we created a separate entity, EKA INVESTMENTS, which can equip or modernise any bathroom on a "turnkey" basis, thanks to our wide range of products.

We here at EKAplast hope that you will like our products, which have furnished bathrooms and offices of our Customers around the world.

We invite you to get acquainted with offers of both EKA PLAST and EKA INVESTMENTS and to cooperate with us for mutual benefit and satisfaction.

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